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You may wonder what it means to have a personal blog on Instagram and what these bloggers do. This article will sort out all the scattered thoughts in your mind and will answer the most common questions about personal blogs.

It will also help you start your blog on Instagram by guiding you through different steps. Let’s dig in.

Your Personal Blog

If you know something and want to share it over the internet, you can do it through blogging. For example, if you are an author and want to share your knowledge, you can start it as an individual and share your thoughts in your personal blog.

Moreover, a website can help you start your blog, or many other platforms provide you the facility to start blogging. In a personal blog, you can share your thoughts, ideas, knowledge, tips, and personal experiences with the audience. If your blogs are helpful for the audience, you can earn from your blog, also.

Personal blogging is your online presence, sharing valuable thoughts and conveying them to the audience through articles and posts. However, it would be best if you indulged the reader using informal and easy-to-understand writing.

Personal Blog on Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform for sharing photos and videos, but it has become more of this nowadays. It allows you to start your personal blog by sharing the facts about a specific niche, such as lifestyle, health, food, travel, sports, etc.

Moreover, you can also share reviews about the products of different brands after using them, as it will help you monetize your blog on Instagram.

A personal blog on Instagram is a bit different from other blogging websites. You may have seen many accounts that have dedicated their posts to a single niche, such as traveling, sports, health, lifestyle, politics, news, history, current affairs, etc.

They post a picture or video on their account with a caption describing the image and providing some valuable information to the readers. The caption could be their thoughts, personal experience, review, or any fact about the picture.

How Does a Personal Blog on Instagram Generate Income?

It is the most commonly asked question that attracts beginners to start blogging on Instagram and find a niche according to their interests. However, the earnings through a personal blog, Instagram is possible by gaining followers, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships.

Personal blogs on Instagram are getting more popular than websites. It is easy for people to access these blogs through apps and learn information. In addition, a personal blog on Instagram is a type of microblogging that is much more convenient than other platforms.

Bloggers gain followers by generating content that engages their followers. Affiliate programs and sponsors look for famous bloggers and ask them to review their products so people will buy more from their brands.

In this way, a personal blog on Instagram can help you follow your passion along with income generation.

Famous Personal Blog Niches on Instagram

Instagram allows you to express yourself freely. You can post about anything by keeping the rules of the Instagram community in your mind. However, you can pick any niche and generate content for a personal blog.

However, if you follow your passion and posting about something you love to do will make it easier to keep up your blog. You have to post about a similar thing to generate a niche constantly.

Niche is the category of your blog. It is anything you want to post constantly on your account. You can choose traveling, sports, lifestyle, fashion, news, skincare, cooking, etc.

Moreover, you have to pick a single niche for a personal blog as it will help Instagram to find the category and display it in front of the followers or searchers. In addition, your niche will help particular brands see you for sponsorship or affiliate marketing.

Furthermore, if you are still looking for something to post about, you can pick the lifestyle category and post about the events in your life and make a fan base which is quite a challenging process.

How to Start a Personal Blog on Instagram?

Before starting the steps, you should remember that consistency and hard work are the keys to success. If you want to create a personal blog on Instagram, remember that it will give you consistency, creative ideas, and time to grow.

You may have seen many successful influencers and bloggers on social media. They all have struggled to keep things going to achieve what they have now. So enough, with the motivation, let’s start with the steps to create a personal blog on Instagram.

Select Your Niche

The primary step to starting a personal blog on Instagram is to find your niche. It would be best if you chose the category that belongs to you so you can write unique content without hassle.

Moreover, always do proper research before selecting the niche. It will help you find better ideas and engaging content that people will like to read. A perfect niche will help you stay motivated and also increase your followers.

Create an Attractive Instagram Profile

In your research, you will get familiar with the followers of your niche, and you will also know what type of content they demand. Therefore, it would help you to make an Instagram account an attractive profile for followers.

Instagram is famous for having aesthetic posts, accounts, and profiles. So you must know about your audience before creating the profile. Write an engaging and straightforward bio to let your followers understand your blog’s category.

Post visually engaging content, such as exciting and meaningful photos and videos, as people are more attracted to the visual content before reading the caption of your blog posts.

Write Engaging Blog Posts

Convey your message, deliver your knowledge, and share your thoughts in a meaningful and fascinating manner. Make your readers a part of your post. It will convince them to read all the details.

Moreover, your engaging content attracts more followers if it also benefits the audience. You can also share length stories, but Instagram has word limits for captions. Therefore, you can add the link to your website where you have posted the complete story.

Interact with Followers

Often interact with your followers as they are the main asset of your blog on Instagram. You can reply to their comments or hold a question-answer session for their queries. Moreover, Instagram provides multiple features to interact with your followers, such as asking about their opinion on something, taking suggestions for your blogs, using quick yes/no icons, etc.

Use Related Hashtags

Hashtags are the secrets of Instagram blogging. Hashtags are popular keywords related to your post, and people can search to explore the related posts or profiles on Instagram. If you use the correct hashtags for your blog, they will help you reach your audience quickly.


Microblogging through Instagram has made personal blogging easier. Influencers and bloggers can easily access their profiles anywhere and post interactive content for their audience and followers.

Instagram is a famous platform for personal blogs, and now Instagram bloggers and influencers earn a lot of money through their posts and content. It is both ways beneficial.

Brands find personal blogs with thousands of followers on Instagram and ask them to review their products, post reviews, or affiliate marketing. These things help the blogger earn money and increase the brand’s reach.

This article has all the details on what is a personal blog on Instagram and how you can start it. We hope that it has guided you in a better way.

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