Benefits of writing your own blog posts

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Starting a blog is easy, but writing content consistently over months and years can be difficult even for the best writers. You might think you’ll outsource those pesky articles, but most of the blog courses I’ve taken insist that you should write your own posts for the first few months of your blog’s life.

So in an attempt to convince you of this strategy, I’ve put together some benefits to writing your own blog posts.

Practice putting thoughts into words

I’m sure you have a list of topics you want to write about in your blog and you are confident you can write those articles. However, when you sit down to do it you might find it’s not that easy to put into words what you are thinking. This takes practice, for everyone. 

So each blog post  you write is a tiny step forward to improving your writing skills. If you take the time to learn about how to write ‘attention getting’ blog posts and implement it while you write your posts you’ll get even better results.

When faced with a blank page what I do is simply write a small outline, just a simple list with the most important things that should be mentioned when talking about the topic and then it’s easy to develop the information from that.

Get to know more about your niche

Not everyone that starts a blog is a complete expert in their niche. You might have chosen a specific niche because you love it and want to learn more about it. This gives you an opportunity to do research and learn about your topic and then write your posts. 

Doing research for an article can be a bit boring sometimes and you’ll have to get used to that. Be careful not to get dragged into a rabbit hole where you don’t come out for days while doing research. On Income School’s Project 24 program they urge you not to spend more than 30 minutes doing research. 

This is why it’s so important to choose a niche where you can have space to grow and keep making content for at least 1-3 years. It’s also a learning adventure!

Helps understand your reader’s pain points

Who is your reader? Have you defined them yet? I happen to be my own reader and right now I’m struggling to write my posts. That’s why I’m writing an ebook on tips to take action and start writing those blog posts.

You have to do your market research and find out what those target reader pain points are. That’s how you’ll be able to connect and help them. By writing your own blog posts you are taking a problem your readers have, analyzing it and then giving them actionable steps to resolve that problem.

All of this gets your brain accustomed to solving problems. 

Learn and implement SEO techniques

Let’s face it, getting organic traffic to your blog is every bloggers biggest dream. This is done by applying SEO techniques to your blog posts.

I find SEO difficult to understand but it’s an absolute must if you want to get Google to like your website. So during your blogging journey you need to make some time to learn more about SEO and how it can help your blogging business.

I really like Mike Futia’s Stupid Simple SEO course. That affiliate link will get you to a FREE class to help you understand SEO.

In business, as in life, you will find there are things you have to do to succeed and learning SEO strategies is one of them.

Ability to teach writers how to write articles in your voice

Once you’ve gotten the gist of writing your own attention grabbing blog posts you’ll be able to help the writers you will outsource to write articles more suited to what your voice sounds like and what you want your blog to convey.

In the beginning it’s relatively easy to write your blog posts because you are motivated by this new adventure, but 12-18 months in you might not be as excited to write so you’ll start to think about hiring writers.

They will need instructions on how to write blog posts the way you like them (with the winning formula you have learned to use) and you’ll be better prepared to guide them with what you have learned writing your own blog posts.

Get into a writing habit

For a blog to succeed you need to be consistent in adding content. This means you will have to sit down every week and write. Whether it’s 2 hours per week or just 10 minutes each day, you’ll build a writing habit.

You might think that 10 minutes is too little a time to write but a trick my writing coach gave me was that if you set an appointment and you sit down for those 10 minutes sometimes you decide to go on for a little longer.

I was able to finish a book I had put on hold by doing two 10 minute sessions a day. It adds up and you feel better about yourself because you did the work.


Think of this blogging time as an education and a phase of inner growth.  Your blog is your baby and every article you write is another resource for helping your readers. 

Remember that by consistently giving value you earn your reader’s trust.

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