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Hey! I’m Sol, I Started This Blog in an effort to help others brainstorm and create their online business.

Arriving home from your 9-5 late at night after a long commute is tiring. Your boss had to talk to you once again about how you’re not paying attention to the small details and your performance is suffering because of it.

Fast food is on the menu again because it’s always too late to go to the grocery store and your only free time on the weekends is spent either cleaning house or running errands.

You’ve been feeling down again, and negative thoughts plague you constantly.
Still, you log on to YouTube and binge watch all the videos on passive income and making money online. They make it seem so easy.

Life feels very hard and unfair and you wish you could do something about it. Here is how I can help.

This blog is for women who wish to improve their life
by starting a side hustle or building a full fledge online business.

I help and guide you through the basics of online businesses (what type of business, what niche, etc.) focusing always on mindset and how it can help you succeed.

Have you ever thought:

  • I wish I could work from home to have more time for myself and my family
  • I could do great things if only I had the money and resources
  • I wish I had special skills I could sell
  • Life would be perfect if I was financially independent and out of debt

My first job was a 9-5, and I handled it relatively well – I was young after all. I had good hours, an ok boss and nice co-workers. However, soon my depression reared its ugly head (once again) and my self-esteem and confidence went out the window.

I started working from home and through the years I’d make some progress, but then a depressive episode came and destroyed it all. When depressed, I was irritable, couldn’t focus and couldn’t deal with the clients. The projects felt impossible to make and most of the time, I ended up giving the deposit back to the client.

During all those years, I had several ideas for online businesses (mostly niche sites like crafts or technology) but I simply didn’t have the discipline to bring them to fruition. But I knew deep down that it COULD be done.

In 2021, I decided I was going to change my business model from selling web development services to selling digital products.

That year I made 6 WordPress courses and self-published one book. The next year I made a digital planner and a digital sketchbook plus some printable planners to sell.

At the time of this writing, I made $345.53 from Udemy, 163.20 from Appsumo and I was fortunate to receive 1K from Appsumo from their Black Friday fund in 2021 when I put up one of my courses on their marketplace.

You might be thinking, that’s only $1508.73!!! Yes! Isn’t it wonderful??? I got money from something I created. True, it’s not a full-time income, but that was not what I was after at the time (ok that’s BS, but it was not all of it). I wanted to prove that I could make money from something that I made. That came from my experience and skills – which depression often told me were non-existent.

I found out I loved making digital products, but I had A LOT to learn about marketing and sales. For me, those topics are complicated and scary. Then I realized I had to build an audience. All this IN ADDITION to learning how to make digital products (sometimes teaching myself the skills so that I could teach them to others – yes, you might have to do this too).

Fast forward to 2022 and I’m buying #allofthecourses and following several roadmaps to get this blog business off the ground.

I believe the most important thing, apart from finding customers, is your belief about who you are and what you are capable of. Your mind can be your best ally or your worst enemy, and it’s probably keeping you from getting started. I focus a lot on mindset in my online business guides and how to’s so you can remember that.

So, take this moment and start your journey. The form below will get you my list of 97 products you can make and sell starting today. It will inspire you to take your first steps to figuring out your place in the online business world.

Thinking of starting a side hustle?

Whether you just want to create some additional income or build an online empire you need to start somewhere. Stop dreaming and take action. Here is a list of 97 products you can make and sell today to get started on your journey!

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