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When I started researching how to make my own digital planner to sell I found a few resources that I felt I could trust, but then I found Michelle and Aimee from the Secret Owl Society and I learned of their different courses and offerings. I love my research and these women seemed like the real deal.

Passive Income Planner Girl had a high price tag but it would show me how to create a digital planner from scratch. Oh they had a course on how to do ONLY that but this program packed a punch with so many more teachings about how to actually create and grow a business from digital products.Creating an Etsy shop, making courses and even how to get affiliates to help you sell your products.

I decided to take the plunge and buy the course. And I was not ready for what I experienced.  Michelle and Aimee are not about doing all things marketing (social media or content) they help you look deep inside and create a product worthy of YOU. With your unique experiences and ways of looking at life you bring your customers more than just a PDF document and they will help you bring that out.

Of course you must have realized that I immediately wanted to become an affiliate for their products and help get them into the hands of those who needed them most. I will admit I am a Superfan of theirs. I bought almost everything they presented me with and paid what they asked for with joy in my heart because I loved their products and how they put everything of themselves into them.

In the end I did not make my planner from scratch, instead buying their Digital Planner Template Kit. The result was my Romantic Chic Planner. However, I did use the workbook in PIPG to design the planner. Here is what my moodboard looked like.

Here is what Michelle and Aimee have to say about their programs:

Passive Income Planner girl

In this course, you’ll learn how to turn your zone of genius into a digital planner and use your digital planner as a launching pad to a business full of raving fans while honoring your desires, your personality, and your joy in the journey every step of the way.

In Passive Income Planner Girl, you will learn:

  • How to see the big picture of going from selling a planner on Etsy to building a business with 1000 true fans
  • How to identify your zone of genius (aka your super power)
  • How to create your zone of genius planner
  • How to launch your shop on Etsy
  • How to market your planner on Pinterest
  • How to open the door to more money with our “Customer Hub” concept
  • How to create your quick and dirty mini course
  • How to step into abundance with affiliates
  • How to hold space for your super fans

Are you ready to:

  • Honor your zone of genius
  • Listen to your intuition
  • Go all in on what lights YOU up?
  • create magic from a place of self-alignment?

If after all this information you think you’d rather just get the course on how to make a digital planner from scratch, you can get their PDF Glow Up course.

PDF Glow Up course

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make a beautiful digital planner or workbook from scratch for an extremely affordable price, then PDF GLOW UP is for you!

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Create hyperlinked tabs – an essential feature of making a digital planner
  • Create a consistent color scheme even if you have zero graphic design skills
  • Work with tables, lines, shapes, and text so that you can create whatever designs and layouts you want

By the end of this course, you will have achieved:

  • A totally unique digital planner or workbook that has the seeds of your zone of genius and therby has the potential to evolve into more product offerings
  • Rediscovered your joy in creative self-expression
  • A design that you can repurpose into new styles so that you can tap into the magic of LEVERAGE. Make your zone of genius planner once and then just dress it up in different outfits to appeal to different tastes.

The Digital Planner Template Kit

Do you dream of creating beautiful digital planners, but stress over the idea of making them from scratch? You need the Digital Planner Template Kit!

Here’s what’s inside The Digital Planner Template Kit:

  • A fully customizable undated digital planner template with hyperlinked tabs ready for you to decorate.
  • Customizable graphics for promoting your planner on Pinterest and listing it on Etsy.
  • Step-by-step tutorials walking you through how to decorate your digital planner template.
  • Plus, you get the extended commercial license as well so that you can sell as many digital planners as you want using this template!

Example of the template in action

Romantic Chic Digital Planner made with the Digital Planner Template Kit

You really can’t go wrong with any of the options offered in this page. Their products are solid and their beautiful souls shine bright through everything Michelle and Aimee do.

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