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With the increasing advancement in technology, the world is now moving to online platforms. Educational institutions and businesses transitioned to online platforms as the pandemic hit the world, and modes of earning a livelihood changed rapidly.

Remote working is the way to go. No doubt – it’s an easier and less tiring way to do things. The same applies to online music classes.

There are so many people worldwide who love to play, listen and learn music in online classes. The only problem is finding a reliable platform and how to get started on this journey.

So are you someone looking for ways to teach online? Or do you want to pursue your passion for the love of music? Then teach music online following these easy 5 steps.

The Primary Question

When pursuing something, there is always one question we need an answer to; Where do we start?

Teaching guitar lessons online is awesome in several ways. But everything needs to be done in little steps. Trying to take on everything at once can cause confusion, and you feel burnt out before making it halfway through the process.

There are several things to consider before you start. Firstly, you need to be confident that you can do it. Initially, it may feel awkward when you’re not in a studio or school teaching a class, and above all, your students are not physically in front of you. But it’s only a matter of time before you begin loving your job, especially if you’re an introvert.

As we go further in the article, we will explain different steps to reach your goal, i.e., how to teach guitar online.

Acknowledging the Advantages

It is human nature to want to know the pros and cons of something before we indulge ourselves in it. For this reason, we have mentioned some common advantages you might want to know.

Starting off, combining comfort and ease while making money is a win-win. Sitting on your sofa, having your favorite drink, choosing your hours teaching a class – what more can you ask for?

Teaching guitar online comes with a lot of benefits. The best part, you make more money in less time this way.

Furthermore, not all students have the resources to get into a music school, but with online lessons, everyone has easy access. Similarly, nobody would want to drive to school every day only for half an hour of music lessons. As fun as it sounds, doing the same thing every day becomes troublesome and boring.

Luckily, with online classes, you don’t have to go anywhere – unless your laptop is in the other room. Just turn on your video and instill the love of music in the hearts of your students.

Getting the Right Equipment

You don’t need any advanced instruments to begin teaching. As long as your students can access your lessons, you will be able to upgrade with time. However, you need to ensure you are providing top-notch quality content.

In order to record better, you need to have a good-quality microphone with noise cancellation. A laptop or a PC with good video quality will do best. If your PC/ laptop does not have a camera or isn’t that good, you can buy one for your classes. You will have to make this primary investment for your business, along with a stable internet connection.

For the background, choose a room with no interruptions and decent images or decorations at the back. As for the instrument, you need a good guitar, which you probably already have. Start with these things, and as your students increase, you can invest more in the equipment.

Choosing the Best Online Platform

Stepping into the online world of teaching will amaze you with its vastness. There are numerous online platforms solely built for the purpose of teaching. But there are others that are used for meetings, businesses, and random discussions.

The most basic platforms are Skype and Zoom. Your students are most likely to access these more easily.

However, you can opt to start as a freelance guitar teacher too. It’s easy to start on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork. Moreover, you can set your own price, either a fixed rate or per hour.

You can also try joining a music company or teacher. Once you make a reputation and people know about you, you can switch to the platform.  

Managing the Payment Process

The payment method mostly depends on the region you and your students live in. But in most cases, you can ask your students to transfer them to your bank account. Also, you can make use of different digital payment systems. Some familiar names include PayPal, Payoneer, Square, Skrill, Wisel, etc.

Make sure you have a billing system to help you keep track of the payments as well.

Gaining Popularity

Success never comes overnight. Hard work does pay off, but it takes time. You will need to advertise your courses to become popular.

To do so, you can upload lectures on Youtube. Get active on your social media accounts to promote your services too. Also, word of mouth goes a long way. So, your old students can recommend your services as well.

In short, you need to build a circle from where you can get your name out in public. You can always start with family, friends or neighbors. Let them know what you are offering and see if they are willing to become your first students.

There’s nothing wrong in starting from within the four walls. Be patient as you build your brand.

Is it Worth All the Effort?

Like all worthy pursuits, you need to work hard to gain from teaching music online. Things will be difficult in the beginning. But in the end, you will get the sweet fruit of your efforts.

You might not have as many students as you expected, or the charges might not be worth the time, but consistency and patience are all you need. Once you become well acquainted with how things work and how you can market yourself – the sky is your limit.


  • No transport costs
  • Work from the comfort of a familiar space, i.e your home
  • Exposure to a global community.
  • You can earn more with each passing job by constantly upgrading your skill set.
  • It’s easier to upscale; you could offer a MasterClass or create your own agency or online school.
  • It will boost your confidence and help you grow as an individual
  • A good use of your free time


  • Need better internet speeds that might cost more
  • Learning new technologies
  • Differences in time around the world
  • Strong competition
  • Getting those initial students might take a while


Modern problems require modern solutions and online lessons provide a good solution. Since most of the world is online, teaching music online is a very feasible money-making option. Everything might seem daunting at first, but once you get a hold of it, others will be asking you to help them set up.

Whether you’re following your passion or trying to make some extra money, you can do a lot in this field. All you need to do is to adapt to modern methods. We hope this article answers all your questions. Happy Online Teaching!

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