Practicing Self care can boost your online business

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Starting an online business is fun at the beginning because we have all of these ideas and plans for what we are going to do. It’s a joyful time. But as time goes by you have to do some tasks you don’t really like or maybe writing those articles is not as fun as you’d thought they would be.

But you have to keep going and try and hustle. All your free time is dedicated to that online business and you take shortcuts for everything.

Here’s the problem, doing what’s easy can hurt you and your business.Eating junk food instead of cooking healthy meals for yourself, letting the house chores accumulate and even not connecting with family or friends can start eroding at your overall health and happiness.

What is self care and why does it matter

Remember what they say in the airplanes “Put your mask on first and then help the others”? I feel this is at the core of self care. Even if you are not putting others before yourself, you can be putting your business or whatever project you are undertaking right now in front of your well being.

When your life is balanced and you are taking care of yourself things will roll more smoothly. First, because you’ll be more relaxed and at ease and second because every self care act is a testament that you love yourself.

I was never taught that you have to accept and love yourself and this is an important lesson each one of us has to learn. No matter our station in life we are human beings that have value. Yes, you have value. And self care routines help you remember that every single day.

Practicing self care will let your business ideas flow and help you get where you want to be in that business, just because you know your worth and what you can bring to others around you.

This is very important especially when you remember your “Why” for starting your business. (For more information on finding your why you can read my article “Why Everyone Keeps Bugging You To Find Your ‘Why’”).

Tips to establish a self care routine

Start with little things

We are all very busy with everything happening in our lives and then we have to deal with our online business, which is a passion, but sometimes involves tasks that are not enjoyable. That is why I don’t really expect you to start a whole self care routine all at once.

What you want to do is do little things that help you during the day. It’s like a courtship. Yes, you will be courting yourself, finding little things that you will enjoy and doing them during the day to help you destress. Some examples can be:

  • Putting on some music that makes you happy
  • Using your favorite sweater that day
  • Setting up an alarm for water breaks during the day
  • Find or create an inspirational wallpaper to put on your desktop
  • Take a break and play with your pets

Create positive habits

It’s important that the self care actions you take are positive actions that can become healthy habits.For example, I’d love a chocolate snack every day, but that’s not good for my sugar levels. And if you play video games, for example, just do 15 minutes to relax, don’t do it instead of working on your business.

Be aware that you will add these actions to your daily routines so they have to fit in seamlessly. 

Some positive habits can be:

  • Drinking 8 glasses of water a day
  • Doing 30 minutes of exercise during the week
  • Meditate early in the mornings
  • Practice visualization for success in life and work
  • Turn off all electronics 1 hour before bed

Establish healthy boundaries

This is complicated because you have to put up boundaries not only with family and friends but also with vendors or employees.

You need to know how much you can do without getting overwhelmed. This is not always easy, specially if you like to please others. Remember there’s no cloning yet, so there’s only one of you to take care of things.

Examples of healthy boundaries are:

  • Dividing your house chores with your partner
  • Saying no to favors that take up your free time
  • Making time for family and friends and being present

Become aware of when you are hurting yourself

In order to make changes and establish some positive habits you have to start paying attention to what you are doing. Are you consuming more junk food than usual? Are you spending more money on useless things (or even good things like courses but you never take them)? Are you being harsh to your loved ones when things are not going the way you plan in your online business?

It takes practice to become aware of the actions we are taking and identifying them as something negative that is hurting us and those around us. But this is really important if you want to make a change for the better.

Get a self care planner

Self care planners are very popular right now and will help you figure out what self care activities you should be doing. They include pages for affirmations, goals, trackers, vision boards and gratitude.

If you want to create one for your business, you can use Carmia Jordaan’s template for a Self Care Planner. It’s for commercial use and you can customize it with your colors and graphics.

If you just want to print it out to start taking better care of yourself you can get a FREE one by filling the form below. I made it with Carmia’s template.

Not everyone has trouble with self care and loving themselves, but there are a lot of us who do. And that state of mind of not being worthy or valuable can be changed. But you have to do the work, nurture yourself and understand that we all have a reason to be here. 

Don’t see self care as a selfish activity, because when you are “well” you can help others more easily and with a happy heart.

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