Top best selling printables on Etsy

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Having an Etsy store can be one of the most profitable online businesses around. It’s easy to set up and start selling. Product creation doesn’t have to be hard if you use commercial license templates and you are all set.

Here are some of the top selling printables on Etsy right now, even though some are not even printables at all.

Wall Art

This is still one of the most sought after printables in Etsy. Some of them contain art, but a lot of them are just thoughts or quotes written out in an attractive manner. You can play with different fonts to see what looks good. Some offer customizations, like adding names or dates.

Wedding invitations

Elegant, floral invitations are still a hit in this marketplace. You do need a bit of a design skill to make these but if you know how to choose colors and clipart and know how to put them together you can make a killing. Wedding invitations have to be customizable or you need to do the customization. So take that into consideration when pricing your item.

Etsy Guides

This was a complete surprise to me! There are all sorts of Etsy guides available. From the best product ideas to how to market and sell your products. How to start your store guides are also available. These items seem to be hot right now, so if you’ve found success selling in Etsy, a guide might be a good product for you to sell.

Product Idea lists

No need to recreate the wheel. Most of these lists have 500 product ideas or more for customers to start creating and selling right now. Truth is, it’s more convenient to have all these ideas in hand instead of having to scourge the internet for information on profitable products to sell. Oh and I have a FREE list of products to make and sell for you if you subscribe to my newsletter.

Digital Planners

These planners are a lot of fun to use and if they are undated they are reusable as well. They usually come in portrait or landscape form and they bundle in some cool digital stickers for you to use as well. 

I am an affiliate for the Digital Planner Template Kit by the Secret Owl Society, which you can use to create your own digital planner to sell. I used it to make my first digital planner as  you can see below.


Another surprise. I’m not sure how the seller delivers the course but it’s a video course, just sold on Etsy. The ones I found were about, you got it, how to set up your Etsy business.

Lightroom Presets

These are filters for your photos. You use it with the Lightroom software to edit the photos you take on your cell phone.


Always popular, you can print them at your heart’s content. You can make themed variations to sell to your customers. Use one theme throughout (roses or lavender for example) or change the theme according to the season (spring, summer, fall, winter).

Product description template

An interesting product. Basically it gives you a template to follow when you write your Etsy product description. This is to ensure better SEO and seamless posting of your products on your Etsy store.

They promise to help you write high-converting product descriptions.

Marketing plans

You’ll find different types of marketing plans for sale. For art stores, jewelry and other niches.They give action items for 12 months so that you can plan your year ahead of time.They are geared not just for Etsy but other online stores like Shopify or even Amazon.

Etsy Bestsellers lists

Find out what the winning products are so you can make them for your store. There are a ton of these listings with information on products and digital art and overall the best selling items on Etsy.

Knowing these items are bestsellers helps the customer realize what product they can make that is in demand and not waste time creating a product no one will buy.

Cards – Self care, affirmation

These are like flash cards, where instead of study material you put in soothing thoughts or affirmations that you want to keep close to you to improve your mood and state of mind.

Self care is a trend right now and products related to it sell well. Carmia Jordan from Clementine Creative has some great Positive Affirmation Card Templates with commercial license for you to create your own cards that you can sell in Etsy.

Printable planners

Binders, content planners, goal planners. They are all the rage. Getting organized will help you succeed in business and in life. So having these to print out and make sure you don’t forget the big picture is really helpful.


We all hear of these magical stories of people earning millions in Etsy. Is it true? I’m not sure, but what I can tell you is that success is possible in Etsy, but it doesn’t just depend on picking a trending product.

Adding your unique touch to your product will differentiate you in the marketplace and adding some stellar customer service will help you in your road to becoming an Etsy Star seller.Read my article on “How To Make Your Printables Stand Out From The Competition” to stand out.

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