Profitable Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

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Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a customer-centric fulfillment service that allows sellers to send their products to fulfillment centers. Once the products are received, Amazon takes care of all customer orders and resells them on their marketplace at a wholesale price.

You win as an e-commerce seller if you use FBA services because it frees you from storing your inventory or packing and shipping each order yourself.

So why wouldn’t everyone use FBA? The problem with selling on Amazon is that they’ve saturated the market with sellers, causing prices to drop and competition to be fierce. However, there’s still plenty of room for growth and opportunity if you know how to find profitable products to sell on Amazon FBA. Read this article to learn how good products to sell on Amazon FBA can help your business thrive.

Top Selling Product Categories on Amazon

  1. Books
  2. Games and Toys
  3. Computer and Electronic
  4. Home Decor and Furniture
  5. Beauty

1. Books

Books are one of the all-time best-selling products on Amazon. For this reason, selling books on Amazon can be a great idea. You’ll have a lot of competition, but that’s true for almost any product on Amazon. You can earn a healthy profit from selling books on Amazon with the right product sourcing and marketing. See Amazon Bestselling Kindle Books.

Best Selling Books on Amazon

2. Games and Toys

The books, toys, and games industry is one of the most competitive on Amazon, but there are still plenty of opportunities to earn a profit. When selling toys and games on Amazon, you want to make sure you’re selling items that will be in high demand.

You also want to ensure you’re getting your products from trustworthy sources. Avoid purchasing counterfeit toys and games. Instead, find a manufacturer that can provide authentic, high-quality products.

Best Selling Games and Toys on Amazon

  • LeapFrog
  • Hasbro Gaming Connect 4
  • Playdoh Modeling Compound
  • Crayola Tracing Pad
  • SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box

3. Computer and Electronic Products

Computer and tech accessories are other popular categories on Amazon. Some of the top-selling products are chargers and headphones. These items are in high demand and have a low risk of damage. If you’re looking for something a little more complex, you might be able to sell refurbished computers on Amazon. This industry is full of competition, so you’ll want to ensure you’re sourcing products from a reputable source.

Best Selling Computer and Electronic Products on Amazon

4. Home Decor and Furniture

You have plenty of options for getting home decor and furniture products to sell. You can purchase used furniture at a thrift store, shop garage sales, or look for auctions online. Besides furniture, you can also sell things like bedsheets and bathroom mats. These items are in high demand and don’t require much attention.

Best Selling Home Decor and Furniture on Amazon

  • Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam
  • Linenspa Mattress Topper Memory Foam
  • Zinus Metal Smart Box
  • Furinno Luder Bookcase
  • Walker Edison TV Stand

5. Beauty

Beauty products are a great choice if you’re looking for a product that is high in demand and low in complexity. From hair products to makeup, there are plenty of beauty products that you can sell on Amazon. There’s a wide range of beauty products that you can sell on Amazon. You can sell makeup, skincare, hair care products, and more.

Best Selling Beauty Products on Amazon

  1. Revlon One-Step Dryer
  2. Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch
  3. Phillips Sonicare
  4. Olaplex Bonding Maintenance No.5
  5. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind

Key Steps to Finding the Most Profitable Products to Sell on Amazon

If you’re still unsure about what to sell on Amazon, we have a few tips to enlighten you.

Researching the Market

Before you start searching for specific products to sell, getting a handle on the market you’re about to enter is a good idea. How much competition is there for the products you’re considering selling? Are there any seasonal trends you should be aware of? These factors will help you decide what products will likely be the most profitable.

You can also view Amazon bestseller lists and get a feel for the products that are most often at the top of these lists. In addition, you can also make use of web apps like the Sales Estimator to determine which products are likely to be the most profitable.

One aspect to keep in mind when researching is that Amazon is like a living, breathing organism. What’s selling well now might not be selling well in a few months, so you’ll want to periodically check back on this information to ensure you’re up to date.

Find Out What’s Currently Selling Well on Amazon

Once you have an idea of the products currently selling well on Amazon, it’s time to start trying to find out what products are doing well. You’re looking for products that are easy to get but only a few sellers in the Amazon FBA program. In other words, you’re looking for products that are currently only being sold on the Amazon platform.

You can do this by using a product research tool that lets you see the number of sellers for each product on Amazon. You can also use a tool like Selloscope to find out which products are most often sold by private label brands rather than brands that sell on Amazon. Type in the product you want to research, and the tool will show you how many sellers there are for the development and whether or not it’s listed in the Amazon FBA program.

Amazon Product Tracker

As you search for products to sell, you’ll need to keep an eye on how the competition is doing. This can be tricky if you’re trying to do this manually, but luckily, a few tools make product tracking a breeze.

The first one we’d like to identify is the Amazon Product Tracker. This tool allows you to track products from their sale on Amazon with a certain BIN number. Once you have this number, enter it into the Amazon Product Tracker, and it will show you all the activity related to that product. Remember that you’ll need to subscribe to a paid Amazon seller account to use this tool.

Amazon Best Seller List (BSL)

Another way to track which products are selling well on Amazon and which products are exclusive to Amazon is to use an Amazon Bestseller List. These lists track and monitor specific products sold on Amazon and indicate whether or not an Amazon FBA seller sells the product.

You can find these lists by searching for “best seller” in the Amazon product search engine, or you can find a list of bestseller lists by typing in “bestseller list” in Google.

Estimate Your Product Profitability

Now that you’ve found a few products that you think will be profitable. It’s time to do a quick profitability estimate to see if these products are worth pursuing. This is simply a calculation of your profit margin based on the cost of the product and your supplier’s minimum order quantity.

To perform a profitability estimate, type in the product you want to sell into a profit calculator like the one from Profit Bandit. This calculator allows you to put in the cost of the product, your supplier’s MOQ, and your margin to estimate how much profit you can make on the sale of each product.


Regarding selling on Amazon, the possibilities are nearly endless. You can sell almost any product you can think of on the platform. From household supplies to clothing and accessories, there are plenty of opportunities to make money as an Amazon seller.

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