Most Profitable Low-Content Books You Can Create

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Writing a low-content book is one of the most profitable side hustles to earn extra cash. Nowadays, everybody is digging for some quick and easy fast-cash-earning ideas, and writing a low-content book is one of them. You don’t necessarily have to be a skilled or professional writer to write a low-content book. But what should you write about?

This read will introduce you to the most profitable low-content book ideas and how to write the most profitable ones yourself.

What Are Low Content Books?

As the name indicates, low-content books have minimal to zero content. These books are easy to write, edit, and compose. If you have no writing skills but wish to publish books to earn money, low-content books are the best option.

Reasons for Writing a Low-Content Book

Creating low-content books is highly advantageous as these books allow anyone to become a writer and earn a stable monthly income. Here are a couple of significant reasons for writing a low-content book.

  • Many people love writing and publishing books but get overwhelmed by the writing process. Low-content books require little to no writing; anyone with a little knowledge of text arrangement can write them.
  • Some people have a passion for writing but do not have confidence in their writing style. Those who do not speak English as their first language are particularly susceptible to this feeling. If that’s you, write a low-content book; it will boost your confidence.
  • Write a low-content book to give someone a heartfelt and meaningful gift. Choose a topic that will hold significance for the receiver to write the low-content book. For instance, you can create a journal for your granny to help her remember things to do.
  • If you are a published writer, low-content books can be fruitful in many ways. You can use low-content books as companion books with your published non-fiction books. Your readers would love to have something unique and significant, and it will also add value to your profile.
  • Lastly, low-content books are quick and hassle-free to create; and can offer great financial help.

7 Most Profitable Low-Content Books Ideas That Can Earn You Big Money

For anyone looking for a lucrative side hustle, the following low-content book ideas can regularly bring in handsome amounts of money.


Journals are easy-to-write and compile notebooks. These notebooks are exceptionally beneficial for adding checklists and things to do. You can write and publish journals suitable for various purposes. For instance, pregnant mothers find pregnancy journals highly advantageous.

The pregnancy journals contain checklists for things to do in three trimesters. And mothers may write any significant (or even insignificant) experiences in these journals. Typically, writing a specific journal type requires minimal knowledge of the topic, as a large portion of it is blank pages, charts, and checklists.

You can sell these journals on any e-commerce website and generate ample revenue.

Coloring Books

Coloring books require zero content and are easy to put together. These books are popular among kids and adults. People love releasing anxiety and stress from a long and tiring day by engaging in a fun (and colorful) coloring activity.

You won’t need to write much when compiling a coloring book. And you will earn numerous customers for these books online. In addition to selling coloring books on e-commerce websites, you can also sell them on social media platforms.

Guest Books

Guest books are one of the most frequently used low-content books throughout the years. You can create guest books for different occasions, including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, work parties, holiday get-togethers, and many others. The basic theme of the guest books remains the same; however, you can play around with details. These books sell all year round, earning you massive monthly profits.

Dot Grid Notebooks

Dot grid notebooks are the quickest and the easiest low-content books to compile. As you must have guessed by the name, the dot grid notebooks have dots printed on every page in the grid formation.

There is no specific reason for having a dot grid notebook, but people love owning one. However, as the notebook is plain and simple from the inside, you can add your creative touch to the cover to make it enticing and easy on the eyes. For this purpose, you can use colorful and attractive images, appealing quotes, or artistic typography that instantly lures the consumer.


A logbook is an organized notebook where one can record and document important events along with their time stamp. You can create different types of log books. Some of the most popular and widely used logbook types are equipment logbooks, business logbooks, gym logbooks, and plantation tracker logbooks.

When writing a log book, the sky’s the limit. You can fill in as less or as much content based on the complexity level of the book as you desire. Use an enticing and relevant cover to attract more customers. Also, you can add subtle yet significant images inside the logbook, especially when compiling a plantation tracker logbook.

Meal Planners

Meal planners are immensely popular among nutrition-conscious people on a strict diet plan. A well-organized meal planner helps people follow a healthy lifestyle. You can create weekly or monthly meal planners containing specific shopping lists for meal preparation guidelines.

Add different sections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also use different colors to separate and highlight different sections on the meal planner. In short, you can easily create productive and effective meal planners with a little research.

Quote Books

Inspirational quotes can get you going in the hard times. These books are popular among people of all ages and are always in demand. You may need to do some research writing quote books, but the result will be worth the effort.

Choose any specific category, research quotes on that topic, enlist them in the book format, and have an interesting and amazing quote boot in your hand. Examples of quote books include uplifting quotes, quotes from celebrities, love and friendship quotes, etc.

Things to Consider When Writing a Low-Content Book

Now that you have learned about the most profitable low-content book creation ideas, the next big thing is to choose the one topic that speaks to you the most to start working. Here are a few things to remember when working on a low-content book creation.

  • If you are writing a low-content book for the first time, you may find the availability of multiple options overwhelming. However, sticking to your original plan and not overthinking things is preferable.
  • It is advisable to choose the topics you are most interested in and research their subtopics. Specify a single topic to make a comprehensive and productive low-content book. For instance, when generating a parenting journal, you can make a pregnancy journal, baby care journal, etc.
  • It is preferable not to limit yourself to one specific topic. Once you have successfully published and sold a low-content book, explore other categories and try to widen your horizon.

Final Words

There you go! We assure you that choosing any of these low-content book writing ideas will guarantee you substantial profit. And the best thing is that you don’t have to invest much time or money in the research, writing, or publishing process. So, what are you waiting for? Pick one of these fantastic plans, and finish putting together the book with minimal content.